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Treatment and Recovery is a Process

Residential treatment will provide all necessary arrangements and coping skills to make a successful transition into your next phase of recovery.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

If you’re struggling with mental health and addiction, we develop a personalized treatment program that focuses on these matters. The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is where you can receive individualized substance abuse treatment in a short period of time. However, treatment is not complete after this program. We consider this to be the first phase of our treatment model where you will be assessed and develop a long-term treatment plan during this stage. This has been a proven effective treatment technique for many.

Who Can Attend the Partial Hospitalization Program?

This program is created for adults who are experiencing substance dependency symptoms, but do not need 24/7 clinical or medical care. You simply need help monitoring your symptoms and learn how to cope with them. Each qualified individual must have already undergone detox treatment prior to attending this program.

About Our Partial Hospitalization Program

The program consists of 5-6 hours of treatment, 7 days per week.

During this clinical phase of care, you will learn how to cope with daily life stressors without having to stay in an inpatient psychiatric facility. This program allows individuals to participate in group therapies with other individuals struggling with the same addictions.

Our Assessment will Lead to a Personalized Treatment Plan

Each patient will receive an initial assessment so our team can fully understand your history and addiction triggers. From there, we can develop a personalized treatment plan that will lead you to a successful recovery. There are psychiatrists and addiction specialists on standby during this phase of treatment. Your treatment plan may include the following:

Individual and group therapyPsychiatric medical treatmentMedication monitoringAfter treatment planning

Next Steps After Program Completion

After you’ve completed the Partial Hospitalization Program, you will have the opportunity to attend our Intensive Outpatient Program if your assessment proves clinically ready. This is the phase of treatment where you or your loved one will live in the residential housing with others who are also in the same phase of treatment as you. With those individuals, you will partake in group activities and therapies.

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